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Our Services

Custom-made solutions and provide good service.     

Handle customer needs promptly and professionally.

We pay attaention to the brand culture and talents with professional  the management of marketing team.

HD-Picture Supply

For customers who purchased our products, we provide the HD picture data package to save your time.

Stick SKU Label

We can provide customized label on each product you ordered, this is our special support for wholesale customers.

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Stick Package Label

This is requested by many of our customers, to stick customized package label on each carton. So we do.

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All of our products are well packed with 5-layer KK super hard kraft paper box, to max avoid demage during transportation

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We can ship the goods to different locations according to customers’ needs  .

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After-Sales Service

we provide flexible after-sales service to all of our customers. You know where and how to find us anytime when you need.

In 2019, after continuous innovation, R & D and technology accumulation,our self-priming filter respirator S9 was officially released. It not only effectively solves the disadvantages of traditional masks on the market, but also provides a better choice for people’s respiratory health problems in the world under the covid-19 environment.

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